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Greater Fairfield County CMLS provides participating brokers and agents with fast, accurate and reliable access to the information services and resources that make our property market function efficiently and effectively for the benefit of buyers and sellers. Serving more than 7,500 REALTORSĀ® in Greater Fairfield County Connecticut, Greater Fairfield County CMLS’s mission is to develop and deliver excellence in the technologies, data resources, programs and policies that support our subscribers in the performance of professional real estate practice. Learn More

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Welcome To The Greater Fairfield County CMLS.

Changes to Agent Full display

We have recently added a new section to the Agent Full display called Internet Listing Distribution Authorizations.  This change was made in response to the expanded list of listing distribution options we launched back on February 20th.  As a reminder, this is when we increased the list of potential sites where your listing can appear from just and brokerage IDX sites to also include the Zillow Group, HomeSnap, and
The Internet Listing Distribution Authorizations section replaces the Internet Display (Y/N) field that has always appeared on the Agent Full display- we have simply expanded that field to show the actual sites that the listing could display on, based on authorizations at the Office and List Agent levels.
The Internet Listing Distribution Authorizations section will show you the following information:
1. The sites that the List Office’s Broker has authorized for website display (this applies to all listings within the office).
2. The sites that the List Agent has authorized for website display (based on permission from the owner/seller).  This line will also indicate if the property’s address has been authorized to display on websites- if it is not authorized to display, there will be an addendum at the end of the list of sites stating so; if the address is authorized to display, there will be nothing after the list of authorized sites (as shown in the example above).
3. A reminder that the listing will only display on those sites that have been authorized by BOTH the Broker AND the List Agent.  
If you find that your listing is not appearing on a website, and you think it should, the Internet Listing Distribution Authorizations section is a great place to start troubleshooting.  Typically, a listing will be missing from a website because either the list agent forgot to check the box during listing input, or the Office/Broker has not authorized their listings to be displayed on that particular site.
The only other relevant information for listing syndication that will not display on listings will be Direct Broker Feed information.  A Direct Broker Feed is an agreement that your office’s Broker has in place with Zillow and/or to send the office’s listings directly to that site, independent of the MLS.  If your office has a Direct Broker Feed, that is not necessarily information your Broker wants competitors to have- that is why it will not appear on any displays in Matrix.  To find out if your office has a Direct Broker Feed, you can either ask your Broker, check the Additional Info tab in Listing Input, or call the CMLS and we can check the Office’s configuration.

(Posted on 3/28/2017 6:08:57 PM )

Middlebrook School Tour

Attention Mid-Fairfield agents:  there will be a tour event for Middlebrook School tomorrow (Wednesday, March 29, 2017).

Click here for more information.

(Posted on 3/28/2017 12:43:51 PM )

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